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What is Isles Brewster?

Isles Brewster is a collaborative community of people who participate in the functions of a stateless nation known as Kingdom of Isles Brewster. The participants of Isles Brewster are Citizens of the Kingdom of Isles Brewster, or Brewstonians. Participation in our kingdom is mostly remote,  but in person participation is encouraged and many events are outdoors and at various locations within New England.

We are an unrecognized stateless nation and make no claim to any land or territory. Our symbolic homeland consists of thee small islands in Boston Harbor that once were owned by and are named after William Brewster. Brewstonians are a people without a land, freeing us to become a nation without a border. We are steadfast, loyal, and united in our cause to uphold the sovereignty of our kingdom and the autonomy of our nation. Our beloved islands exist in the hearts of our citizens, and our kingdom is born of their unity as a nation.

If you would like to become a citizen, or would like more information, you will find many resources on this site. You can also click here to contact a representative.

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