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Our Brewstonian Cause

The Brewstonian Cause is a humanitarian, environmental, social, and educational movement that is supported by the people of the Isles Brewster. The Sovereign of the Isles Brewster is committed to shaping a cohesive and prosperous nation of dedicated citizens, and to helping Brewstonians achieve their greater goals. A worthy cause is a cause that is important and worthwhile, and the Brewstonian Cause is anchored in a multidirectional worldview approach of our fundamental principles that stems from universal human rights and provides direction in the lives of Brewstonians. Similar to a compass rose, these four principles help shape our people and guide our personal and collective journeys.


National Sovereignty

It is a primary goal of the Sovereign of the Isles Brewster to shape and foster a cohesive and prosperous nation of dedicated citizens while assisting with the personal, academic, and spiritual growth of all Brewstonians as they make strides towards their goals and aspirations within the kingdom and beyond the borders of the Kingdom of the Isles Brewster.


Environmental Awareness 

The understanding that every action taken has a direct impact on the global ecosphere and to all the life that exists on our planet is Environmental Awareness. Understanding this general concept and making decisions to drive constant change for a sustainable future is a cause that all Brewstonians work toward. In every decision, we make conscious efforts to minimize waste.

At Work

Citizenship Development

Citizens of the Isles Brewster are a diverse group of people who are highly committed to improving themselves and progressing our kingdom through their education and knowledge gained through experience. Brewstonians are given more opportunities through Citizenship Development, and are able to earn certificates and degrees within the kingdom

Carpenter Craving in Wood

Economic Development

The economy of the Isles Brewster is a planned economy consisting mostly of state-run enterprises. The government owns and operates most industries and most of the labor force is employed by the kingdom. Foreign interest in  the Isles Brewster has increased, however the economy is mostly funded by the Sovereign of the Kingdom of the Isles Brewster.

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